Tangsibji Hydro Energy Limited (THyE), would like to announce on behalf of Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) for the following vacancies for immediate appointment.


S/N Category Slots Experience Payment (in Nu.)
1 Welder 15


3 to 5 years of working experience in construction field


Nu. 20,150.00 for 30 days, 12 hrs. working per day

2 Carpenter (Steel Shuttering) 30
3 Carpenter (Wood Works) 10
4 Bar Binder 35
5 Manson 6


Civil Helper


Experience not mandatory

Nu.17, 000.00 for 30 days, 12 hrs. working per day


The Job will be 5 to 6 months at project  sites, Trongsa. The working hours are in shift system (Day & Night) on weekly/fornightly on rotation basis. Sunday is also working day at the project site. Basic combined accommodation will be provided at the project site. Applicants will have to produce CID Copy, driving license or any other documents as proof of their age over 18 years. Applicants are encoraged to work in a group or form a group to take up work fronts independently if interested. Since HCC has only male workforce at Nikachu Project, only males are requested to apply. 

Interested Candidates may contact any of the following numbers for any further clarification and appointments.

THyE DAM : 77218070/17617433

THyE HRT  : 17250506/77620889

THyE Powerhouse : 77106334/17150672


To download THyE Job Application Form click here