Status of Construction of Project

Main Contract Packages

1. MP-1(Civil and Hydro-Mechanical works)

                                                  Details of Works/Services
 Name of Contractor  :  M/s Hindustan Construction Company  Limited,India
 Date of signing of Contract  Agreement   :   April 20,2016
 Value of work  :   INR 4,288,930,334.69 and Euro  3,827,196.98


1.1 Design Associated Works:

As of date, 50% of the engineering design for Main Contract Package MP-1 (Civil and HM Works) has been completed. The design report and drawings for each component of the project is submitted by the Civil Contractor and is reviewed/recommended for approval by Owner’s Engineering Consultant; M/s SMEC (India) Pvt. Ltd.


1.2  Physical Progress at Site:

As of September 30, 2017, the following excavation at various work sites have been completed:


Components of the Project

Length of Tunnel Completed (m)





Diversion Tunnel

Stands completed (170.69 m)

River diverted on March 15, 2017


Adit to Desilting Chambers

33m out of 325.81 m.


Adit to Desilter D/S Gate Operating Chamber

68 m out of 208.57 m





Adit I

337.5 m out of of 531.38 m  

Adit II

594.5 m out of 764.22 m  

HRT Face 5

HRT Face 6

178 m out of 1332.76m.

127 m out of 1438.43m.


Adit III

Completed on June 03,2017


Adit IV

169 m out of 674.35 m.


Adit V

77.5 m out of 487 m  




Adit to Surge Shaft Top

11.3 m out of 396.27 m  

Adit to BVC

219.5 m of Adit excavation out of 313.58 m  

Intermediate Adit to Pressure Shaft

223.6 m out of of 461.72 m   

Cable Cum Ventilation Tunnel (VT)

76.7 m out of 538.02 m  

Main Access Tunnel

13.4 m out of of 509.77 m  


2. MP-2(Electro-Mechanical Works)

                                                  Details of Works/Services
 Name of Contractor  :  M/s Voith Hydro Limited, India
 Date of signing of Contract  Agreement   :   December 30,2015
 Value of work  :   $ 23,773,528 million