Environment and Social Issue

The leased land includes land for muck disposal, contractor’s construction facilities, submergence area at Dam, residential and non-residential areas for crushing and batching plants and Constructor Construction facilities. The land leased does not include area for access roads. The total area affected by access road is 19.652 acres of which only 8.836 acres are required to lease as some fall in private land area and some in already leased area as part of 195.262 acres. The land for access road to Power House need not have to be taken on lease as shall be used as public road later after project completion. This was decided during the meeting with National Land Commission (NLC) on 13th August, 2014.. The application for lease of 8.836 acres was submitted to Dzongkhag Land Lease Committee who shall process it with National Land Commission.

While carrying out the resurvey, it was discovered that additional land of 3.882 acres has been affected. Hence, land development cost was disbursed amounting to Nu. 291,150 on 19th November, 2016 and the charge for private land lease was amounting to Nu. 87, 904.08 which was disbursed on 16th December, 2016.The affected private lands have increased from 3.577 acres to 9.065 acres of which 1.606 acres have been taken on lease. The households affected by main project component have increased to 19 (14 by main project component and 5 by transmission line component) from 17. The lease agreement has been signed for all the affected land. An amount of Nu. 581,925.00 have been paid till date as compensation to the affected households including land development cost and vulnerability allowances. Substitute land were provided to all the land owners affected by main project component. Further, as required by site condition as muck disposal site was re-identified near Intermediate Pressure shaft for the facility. This affects two households and the affected land measures 1.00 acre of the two private lands 0.277 acre is wetland and 0.723 acre is dry land. Both of Project Affected Households have chosen land replacement for which substitute lands were identified and surveyed to process by National Land Commission. Dry land replacement for wetland is entitled for 5% more acres of affected land, therefore providing 0.332 ac of dryland in lieu of 0.277 ac of wetland. The two households are entitled for land development cost @Nu.75,000/ac for dry land and Nu. 100,000/ac for wet land.

The 132 kV Transmission Line affects 5 private lands belonging to 4 households, a reduction from the initial 6 households. The total land affected is 0.40 acres instead of 0.60 acres. The land replacement and compensations was suppose to carry out once the land owners receive thrams/land ownership certificates from NLC for Z-plots. However, the transmission line works are going on and the receipt of Lag Thrams may take time, it was therefore decided with Goeg Administration that land compensation shall be processed for initial indentified four affected households. The Project Affected People have completed identifying substitute land.

Additional land requirements for the contractor were processed by THyE. The additional land requirements were for contractor construction facility at Adit-IV for Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL), access road to to Desilting Chamber and Silt Flushing Tunnel and Muck Disposal yard for Pressure Shaft. workshop, fabrication yard and labour camps.

land lease certificate

Handing over of land lease certificate to THyE by Chairman, Dzongkhag Land Lease Committee, Trongsa.


2.Biodiversity Management

The  BMC  shall  also  serve  as  Catchment  Management  Committee.  The  Committee  was renamed as “ Technical Committee for Biodiversity and Environment Management (TCBEM)”. The 2ndTCBEM meeting was held on January 3, 2017 followed by 3rd TCBEM meeting on 29th March, 2017. During the 3rd TCBEM, following conservation proposals were recommended:

a.  Wildlife survey  in Project area;

b.   Golden Langur Radio Tagging and Rufous-necked eob tagging;

c.   Establishment of wildlife rescue center inTsangkha.

Floral rescue project with NBC winded up in December 2016, printing of two volumes field guide was  completed on 07th  May, 2017. The book, “Field Guide to Flora in Nikachhu Hydropower Project Site”, was launched on 04th June, 2017.

The Department of Forest and Park Service (DoFPS) has proposed Nu. 3.1 million for various activities vide letter no.  DoFPS/05/2016/807 dated 19th  February, 2016 of which only Nu.0.635 million was approved by the Board during its 22nd  meeting held on 22nd  August, 2016.

The whole amount was disbursed to JSWNP for assessment of impact of Dam construction on endangered species. For accountability MoU was signed between THyE and DoFPS vide no. DoFPS/05/20162017/703 dated 25th November, 2016.

The first payment of Nu. 5.15 million from the approved Nu. 15.8 million was released to DoFPS on December 21, 2016 for compensatory afforestation and Orchidarium construction. An Orchidarium at Gongsar Dumra was constructed under this financial Aid.

As  Green  Bhutan  Corporation  Limited  (GBCL)  takes  lead  role  in  plantation  and  land management  works, Nu.  4.4  million  was  transferred  to  the  organization  implement compensatory afforestation works for THyE. Nu. 1.23 million which was released against DoFPS for land management works was also transferred to GBCL. GBCL has carried out mass land management work along the slopes of access roads and plantation of 24 ha area at three locations (Dumjee Goenpa, Nyala and Bumopahi) were carried out in 2017. The balance amount shall be used for orchidarium construction at Tangsibji.

Fisheries monitoring and conservation project was signed with, National Center for Riverine and Lake Fisheries (NCRLF), Department of Livestock. The Center monitor twice on a year and for 2017 monitoring was carried out from 03rd-15th April, 2017. Only Brown Trout and Snow Trout were observed. The lower stretch towards Mangdechhu is dominated by Snow Trout and Upper stretch by Brown Trout. The population was  found declining due to disturbed water quality.

Fish samplings

Fish samplings are being carried out twice annually under the MoU signed with Department of Livestock.  Dominant species along Nikachhu is Brown Trout and Snow Trout.

Rescue of injured Sambar

Rescue of injured Sambar Deer by THyE team and handing over to Forest officials.


3.Clean Developement Mechanism

As considered in project viability study during Detailed Project Report (DPR) and required by Loan Agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB), the project shall be registered under CDM mechanism. The Request for Proposal (RFP) was floated on 7th August, 2017 for eligible Bhutanese and Indian firms to bid on. The bid opening is scheduled on 7th September, 2017.



THyE has constituted a Safety Committee chaired by Deputy Managing Director on June 22,
2016. The Safety Officer is entrusted to ensure that proper safety procedures are followed at construction site and reports on accidents are made during the Safety Committee Meetings. First Aid training for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) was conducted on November 8-9,
2016. Participants comprised of nominees from each relevant Division and Tsangkha Central

HCC has also constituted OHS committee. They have now two safety Engineers and safety supervisors at each site... An accident of Novus , on 11th August, 2017, at Intermediate Pressure Shaft has resulted in one casualty and one injured.
For occupational health and safety purpose, fire extinguisher, sand bucket and First Aid Kits were procured and distributed.

Fire Fighting Team from Chukha Hydropower Plant, DGPC held First Aid Fire Fighting training toall THyE employees from April 14-15, 2017. Consequently, MoLHR has conducted advocacy training on Occupational Health safety to the employees of THyE on May 9, 2017 at Tshangkha, Trongsa. MoLHR shall now assess THyE and HCC against safety initiative criteria for certification.

Blood sampling of all foreign workers under M/s HCC was conducted to screen malaria and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI). This initiative was carried out in co-ordination with Hospital, Trongsa and Vector-Borne Diseases Control Program (VDCP), Gelephu. The screening was carried out from 14th-18th August, 2017. Four STIs cases were found.

Mass screening of foreign labourers

Mass screening of foreign labourers (14th-18th August, 2017) for malaria and STIs in co-ordination with District hospital, Trongsa and Vector-Borne Disease Control Program, Gelephu.

first aid fire fighting

Hands-on training of THyE employees on first aid fire fighting, in coordination with Fire and Safety Division, Tala Hydropower Plant.



Site visit by ADB on 19th May 2017

Site visit by ADB on 19th May, 2017.